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ALDA Endorsement

ALDA endorses shadowSafe

The Alabama Dental Association (ALDA) has given its exclusive endorsement of vitalEsafe, Inc.’s shadowSafe backup and disaster recovery service to its members. Following the ALDA’s due diligence process, ALDA awards the endorsement to products and services that help members achieve operational excellence and have a proven track record.
Taking and maintaining up to date on-site and off-site backups of an entire dental office’s patient data, digital x-rays, intra-oral camera pictures, accounting information, and other vital information is both technically challenging and time consuming. shadowSafe backup and disaster recovery is a fully managed service that provides subscribed offices with the following unique set of benefits:

  • Complete (100%) copy of the office’s entire computer (or computers)
  • Daily backups maintained for at least a full year
  • Backup copies of all information are stored both onsite and offsite
  • Exceeds HIPAA requirements for security and accessibility
  • Nothing to purchase (all hardware and software included in the subscription)
  • Backups run completely unattended in background without interruption
  • True disaster recovery means that backups can be restored to an empty and/or different computer when required
  • Fully managed backup with daily monitoring of backups/uploads

Dental practices with properly implemented backup and disaster recovery procedures are in a vastly better position to recover from both catastrophic (fire, tornado, theft) and non-catastrophic events (hardware and software failures, virus/malware infections, user mistakes) than those without protection. In addition, HIPAA requirements for both high levels of security to protect patient information and rapid accessibility to patient information after a disaster are difficult for most offices to achieve on their own.”

Larry A. Bates
Chief Technology Officer
vitalEsafe, Inc.

vitalEsafe’s shadowSafe backup and disaster recovery solution has earned the ALDA Endorsement by demonstrating it provides a consistent, efficient and cost-effective method for maintaining complete office backups that can be quickly restored after any type of data loss.

About the ALDA 
Founded in 1869, the Alabama Dental Association is a membership organization of over 1,800 Alabama dentists and part of a tripartite system with the American Dental Association and our nine component District Dental Societies. The mission of the Association is to encourage the improvement of the health of the public, to promote the art and science of dentistry, and to represent the interests of the dental profession and the public for which it serves. Visit to learn more.

About vitalEsafe
 Founded in 2005, vitalEsafe, Inc is a provider of secure off-site backup and storage solutions that are used by clients in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Fully end-to-end encrypted storage is provided to each individual vitalEsafe customer to hold his or her vital information. shadowSafe backups are stored using this secure storage platform.

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Larry Bates is the Chief Technology Officer and a Founding Partner of vitalEsafe