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Dr. John G. Rutland, DMD, FAGD

Guntersville, AL

“When I first considered implementing ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery for my office my initial reaction was that it was too expensive, so I decided to try to do my backups manually myself to save some money. I figured I could buy some external drives and do the backups myself. It took a complete server failure and being without my computer system for two days before I realized that I had made a serious miscalculation. I had some backups but they were not in a format that could be restored quickly when needed. My decision had cost me more money than I would have paid Shadowsafe to properly handle my computer backups. Even before my system was back up and running I called vitalEsafe to get ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery installed. Now I know that my backups are being taken care of properly, monitored on a daily basis, and when the time comes I will be able to do recovery quickly, so I can focus on dentistry.”