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Reason 1 - Partial or data-only backups

Lots of backup vendors "say" they can take a backup of your system. What most don't tell you is that they don't backup your entire system because it is very hard to do properly. Their solutions often backup less than 50% of your total system's information and leave the remaining 50+% of information unprotected. Any backup and disaster recovery system that doesn't back up 100% of the contents of your working system cannot be counted on when you need to recover from a true catastrophic event (fire, flood, tornado, theft, etc.). Think about it. If you have a true catastrophic event not only is your computer (and all its contents) destroyed, but also anything that held copies of your software was destroyed by the same event. You will struggle to reload Windows, your software applications, etc. when anything that you would reload from has been destroyed. Even if you are successful in rebuilding your machine from scratch it till take a significant amount of time and often $1000's in consulting costs.

When you don't back up everything it is very easy to accidentally miss important information. You can have your backups set up perfectly and then without warning they can stop backing up important information. This can happen during software upgrades, expansion of hard disk storage, or simply a user moving information from one folder (that is included in your backups) to another folder (that is not included in your backups). You won't know that you have a problem until it is too late and you experience a significant or even total data loss. Any backup solution that asks you to tell it which files/folders to back up is susceptible to this type of failure.

shadowSafe backup and disaster recovery service is different because it takes and maintains a full backup (100% image copy) of your system and then takes incremental backups (changes since the last backup) at least daily. You can restore the entire machine (even to a different computer) from a shadowSafe backup and everything that was on that system at the time of the last backup is restored completely. Additionally if you only want to restore a single folder or file from a backup (up to a year old), you can do that as well.

Reason 2 - Not maintaining a full year's backups