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Reason 5 - Can't backup while users continue working

Many backup solutions aren’t built to make backups of your system unless everyone closes all programs and shuts down all database applications (i.e. MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Pervasive databases, MS Exchange email, etc). Shutting down applications to make a backup and then restarting them is very disruptive and requires significant technical expertise to accomplish properly. This type of backup almost always results in your being limited to only taking backups during non-business hours. If you are running in an environment where shutting down isn’t an option (Exchange email server, multi-shift manufacturing, or medical/dental offices are good examples) then something must give. Either you don’t take timely backups or you lose productivity each and every day while backups are being taken and your system is offline. As your business grows, this type of backup can quickly become a real hindrance to productivity and can lead to a major downtime or data loss.

shadowSafe can backup your system without shutting down. It can make “hot” backups of MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Pervasive databases. shadowSafe can backup Microsoft Exchange email without the disruption of shutting it down and restarting it when finished. It can even make point-in-time backups of open files that are currently being modified by your users. While most sites will find that daily backups provide an excellent level of protection, if your environment requires it, shadowSafe can take point-in-time backup images as frequently as every 15 minutes! You can even configure separate machines to take backups on different schedules. Example: you might choose to backup your MS Exchange email server every 2 hours but backup your application server only once per day. Since shadowSafe always initially backs up to local disk storage, you can schedule your uploads (to vitalEsafe secure storage) to run after-hours so they don’t tie up your Internet connection during the day. That also means you get good local backups even if your Internet connection is temporarily down.

Reason 6 - Can't restore to a completely empty/different computer