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Reason 7 - Backups aren't actively monitored

While reasons 1-6 are extremely important, this may be the most important reason you should consider replacing your current BDR system. To be truly effective BDR systems must be actively monitored and the integrity of the backups must be tested to make sure that they are ready when needed. Many users have implemented backup systems only to find that when they really needed them, they weren’t functioning properly or important data wasn’t included in the backup. Unless you have full-time in-house IT personnel whose job it is to do this monitoring and testing, it is almost certain that this very important task is not getting done.

shadowSafe has a multi-tiered solution to this problem that includes both software and personnel. First all backups are tested for integrity immediately after they are taken and are re-tested every seven (7) days by a background service that is always running on the client’s system. Email alerts are sent when backups or verification runs fail and appropriate action is taken. Often the problem is addressed and fixed without any end-user intervention being required. Daily reports show vitalEsafe personnel which customer’s systems were not backed up in the last 24 hours and a follow-up check is done to determine the cause (Internet connection down, external hard drive disconnection/failure, machine down, etc.). If warranted, a manual backup run can be triggered to update the user’s on-site and off-site backup copies.

Uploaded backups go through the same testing procedure for integrity to insure that the offsite backup copy is in working order and complete.