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shadowSafe backup and disaster recovery service

shadowSafe backup and disaster recovery service

Imagine the perfect backup and disaster recovery solution designed with the needs of your small to medium sized business in mind.

It would be:

  • Automatic - Must run unattended without user intervention
  • Reliable - Backups are tested on a daily basis and the offsite uploads are monitored to insure that they are working.
  • Secure - Your data needs to be protected from unauthorized access. shadowSafe encrypts (AES-256) every backup image at the time the backup is taken. This means that the information is protected no matter where it is stored (local disk, cloud, vitalEsafe).
  • Bullet Proof - Complete (100%) machine images (not just selected data folders) are taken and maintained for at least a year, so that you can recover from even the most catastrophic event
  • Fast - Let's face it, when you need to restore a backup, you need it fast. We maintain an onsite backup for speed and multiple offsite backups for complete protection against all manner of disasters.
  • Complete - With shadowSafe everything you need (hardware, software, installation, training, support, monitoring) is all included in your monthly subscription.
  • Simple - No highly specialized IT training required. Once set up, you get daily emails confirming that everything is working as it should.

ahadowSafe was designed after observing (over 30+ years) the multitude of ways that systems (and humans) fail. It keeps complete backups of your entire machine at multiple geographically distant sites that function independently to insure that there is always a copy of your system image available when needed.