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A word from our clients

We recently needed to move the entire contents of a satellite office’s server to a different machine in our main office. ShadowSafe took a complete backup and restored it to a spare workstation in a matter of hours. It was great to be able to see what would happen in the event of an actual server failure and backup. I was impressed.

I recently upgraded my workstation to Windows 10 and after a couple of days regretted that decision because my machine ran so slow that it was unusable. I tried the Windows 10 uninstall and now I know it doesn’t work. Fortunately I backup my machine with ShadowSafe. I knew that since there was no way to uninstall the Windows 10 upgrade, my only choice was to do a restore from my ShadowSafe backup images and take my machine back to Windows 7 Professional. With the help of vitalEsafe, we booted my machine with the recovery CD-ROM and restored my entire machine from a backup that was taken 4 days earlier (and back to Windows 7 Professional). I was back in business in 2 hours. If I had not been using the ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery service, recovering from this misadventure would have taken me weeks and I don’t know if I could have ever gotten the machine back to its exact configuration. I will continue to invest in ShadowSafe as long as I am computing.

We recently purchased a new high-end server for our office. Once it was up and running we realized that it was not configured correctly and the performance was actually worse than the 5+ year old server we were replacing. ShadowSafe diagnosed the problem, backed up the entire system, worked with our hardware vendor to fix the issue, and restored the entire system over a long weekend. Shadowsafe stepped in and got us out of a difficult situation and did it with zero downtime on their end throughout the entire process. Their attention to detail and accessibility during the transition was exactly what we needed for such a delicate situation and they proved to be a vital part of getting our very busy practice running efficiently.

"As always, thanks for looking out for us. This level of proactive service is what I absolutely love about yall... Finding the problems before they're a problem and having the solution ready. Awesome stuff. I really can't say enough good things about the service you provide. Thanks again."

"When I was told that our server had been attacked and infected by the CryptoWall ransom ware virus, I can honestly say that we didn’t panic or ever consider paying the ransom. I knew our ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery system protected us against such attacks and we could easily recover anything that we needed from our backup images."

“When I first considered implementing ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery for my office my initial reaction was that it was too expensive, so I decided to try to do my backups manually myself to save some money. I figured I could buy some external drives and do the backups myself. It took a complete server failure and being without my computer system for two days before I realized that I had made a serious miscalculation. I had some backups but they were not in a format that could be restored quickly when needed. My decision had cost me more money than I would have paid Shadowsafe to properly handle my computer backups. Even before my system was back up and running I called vitalEsafe to get ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery installed. Now I know that my backups are being taken care of properly, monitored on a daily basis, and when the time comes I will be able to do recovery quickly, so I can focus on dentistry.”

“Our office computers were recently infected by the dreaded crypto-virus, rendering much of the system unusable. Since we used ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery to back up our critical systems, we were able to restore our system back to working order in only a couple of hours. Not only were we very pleased, our hardware vendor was so impressed by the ability of our ShadowSafe backups, he is now recommending it to all of his clients.”

“Backup and recovery is one of those things I hope I never have to use, but so far I’m really impressed with how well thought out and well managed your solution is.”

“I recently experienced a complete failure of my laptop hard drive. Since I’m on the road a lot, I keep an unusually large (over 200GB) amount of applications/data on my hard drive. vitalEsafe was able to restore everything to the newly installed hard drive from my local backup in a matter of hours. Best of all everything was exactly like it was at the time of the backup. It couldn’t have been easier and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

At the request of one of our clients, we recently simulated a disaster recovery including a full test restore of their server to completely new/different hardware. Even though it is a small server (approximately 35GB of data), we were still amazed that the entire restore process from an empty computer to a completely working Windows 2003 Small Business Server took us less than 1 hour. Basically the server is restored as quickly as the data can be copied from the external backup drive. We recommend ShadowSafe to all our customers.”