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A word from our clients

“We have been using shadowSafe since July 2010 (doing 4 backups per day). In that time, we have had to restore a single folder that was inadvertently deleted and not noticed for a couple of days. The restoration was a snap (way simpler than the procedure we used to have to do in restoring from our offsite backup).
Additionally, because we were skeptical of the restoration process to another server, we restored the image of our server to a completely different machine (a so-called “bare metal” restore). The incrementals are stored on site as well as being uploaded to the vitalEsafe site. This other machine had COMPLETELY different hardware, but we were able to get it up and running with all the users and everything else intact in under 4 hours. We were amazed. We wouldn’t claim that an end-user would be capable of doing the bare metal restore, but our technician said it was the cleanest process he’d ever seen.
Highly recommended, especially at those sites where you’d like to be able to assure some level of recovery from a server failure.”

“Recently something corrupted the C:\Windows\system32\config folder on our server. The problem was the server wouldn’t boot because this folder wasn’t intact. Fortunately we had recently installed ShadowSafe Backup and Disaster Recovery Service, so we were able to use the bootable CD-ROM to boot the server and recover the files from our local backup copy. Our old backup solution would not have been able to recover from this situation because it (like most) requires the server to be running before restoring files. Total time to recover was less than 15 minutes. I should add that we are a CPA firm and this was during tax season, so we were VERY pleased and will be recommending shadowSafe to all of our clients.”